How Indian Women Were Brutally Raped By Britishers Exposed ?

In the British rule in India how Indian Women Were Brutally Raped & murdered by Britishers. Even they made a law which always protected them in rape cases and that law is still implemented in India even after independence.

Even now rapes of Indian girls are going on while ANREG have gone back !

Indians adopted all British laws in 1947 itself, why blame them after 68 years ? Why our leaders could not change these according to our needs ?

There nothing changed in India same thing is hapening now, powerfull leaders and mob do the smae thing. Talk about how to stop this shit. We know the history.

Those were built by our own people.If they did so much for us then why our economy got ruined.Do you have any common sense?

What he speaks hardly seems to be based on sensibility or reality.?

You will be pleased to know the british girls are now being sexually trafficked , drugged and raped by Pakistani Muslim . serach rotherham sex scandal on google even Australian girls are being raped by Pakistani muslims serach google for muslim rapes in australia . The Muslims migrants in Europe are on a raping spree of Europe  As it causcasian girls are big time sluts they drop panties at the drop of hat and get shagged by every tom dick and harry. Even casuain girls happily go to strip clubs where they become nude and make money

2 thoughts on “How Indian Women Were Brutally Raped By Britishers Exposed ?

  1. It was very shameful. But even now, the Indians are not united, and this is going on. We prefer to be ruled by a bitch like Sonia who is Italian, and live like rats. We can write poems, but no Indian group will have guts to do planning, coordinate and eliminate the terrorists.

    Just saying God’s name multiple times – that is what Hindus have been doing, and nothing more for self defense, or protection of property, or discuss about leaders actions.

    During Emperor Ashok period, temples are base ground to discuss social issues, and how to make life better. Now, temples have become place to eat ‘Free Prasad’ and chant mantras 1000 times without even understanding of what and why. All this was imposed by British, and they were freely exploiting the nation.

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  2. Are you ready to join group to eliminate terrorists. All like minded peoples are invited to join together to fight against anti national elements.

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