Hindu genocide killing rape and exploitation by Islamists inactive Govt. in Bangladesh

1) If India can liberate Bangladesh .India can destroy too. These Bangladeshis are traitors n need to be brutally killed .we helped them to be a country which was raped by Pakistani .n today they r killing their own Hindus .same on them .

2)Just ask the Bangladeshi Muslims.. who were your forefathers.. surely they were Hindus.. So request all Bangladeshi Muslim brothers not to hate Hindus and act smart..It was for India that you people are alive.. Otherwise you would have been killed by your own pakistani muslims.. So please dont be so much proud .. Rather think of your own country’s future

3) Thanks for the video and informing the truth. Why Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh are so violent. Most of them are converted and they knows that too. Are they taking revenge with Hindus for not helping them in past or demonstrates cruzlity of Quran. Its time to blame Quran for its teachings. Google chapter 2:193, 9:123 as an example from Quran.

4) Majority are peach of shit in Bangladesh…they doesn’t have any humanity. If human kill those majority animals there have not any sin behind of it, because all of them are enemy of Humanity. India should open their river water to Bangladesh and shrink the hole fucking nation by water to clear those mankind animals and all dead animals compost became fertilizer than grow crops for other human to eat that corps.

5)This is too much…Muslims in BD should realize that they are not real Muslims, in history they were low cast hindus, mughal told them that if you convert we will give better facility …that where they converted themselves…see them …still look like low caste Hindus…they even dont realize pakistan discarded them because of same reason..please grow up…visit some Arabian country..and see how Muslims looks like…they even forgot because of India they exists…how come in this video they can ask Hindus to go back to India….lot od BD so called Muslims crossed boarders and living in India…Assam…west Bengal…grow up BD
6)Higher islamisation ,higher degree of atrocities on minorities.It is the real fact in the world. That is why Islamic countries/Muslim dominated countries in the world are underdeveloped .Now they are killing innocent native Hindus of Bangladesh, later they will kill each other. The days are not far. Shame ! fundamentalist Islamic groups in Bangladesh . This is the practice of religion?

7)while population% of Muslims in India is increasing.. but whats happening 2 Hindus in Bangladesh inspite of mass migration of millions of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in2 India,Hindu population of Bangladesh is decreasing&illegal Bangladeshi Muslims r now choking Indian cities&involve themselves in crimes&are mostly fanatic Islamists looting

8)Those who gave you freedom are not Muslims are Hindus The Great Indian army and gave refuge to your Bangladeshi Ancestors to India henceforth All Hindus have right to Live in Bangladesh like Muslims India made a major mistake they should occupy Bangladesh in 1971 rather than Giving them Freedom which is actually became the Anti Indian Terror Camp and Killing land for Hindus

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