Rahul Gandhi disappear! Why is Congress Being Defensive on VVIP Helicopter Scam?

Why is Congress Being Defensive on VVIP Helicopter Scam?: The Newshour Debate (26th April 2016

Opinion: 1) After so many scams and debates about the scams these criminals get away. unfortunately the judicial system is a problem, even the brits who India copied from made ton of amendments but India still in 1800’s. i hear so many cases where rapists and murderers are roaming free. even if when justice is severed it is too late. hence the problem is with judiciary, where a criminals think they can get away. a common Indian needs to stand up and demand a change. enough is enough, this law seems made by the criminals for the criminals and run by the criminals.

2) Sonia Gandhi and her family must be locked up for life right now along with Lalu, Mulayalam, Amma, Karuna, Mamta, Maya. Also lock up all the anti-India judges, lawyers and professors. Only then India can hope for a bright future

3) unbelievable ,this is our congress party which was in central govt. for more then 50 years. Salla kuch nahi sikhaa, most corrupted party in the world i think.my vote which i give to congress has totally waste.

4) all politician party just curve each other corruption . they don’t care about aam admi . they just worry about to fill up there home abd family

5) Now Indian has woke up and he wants who are the corrupted leader and why they still in Indian politics? Throw out them our Indian Parliament, remove their all facilities.

6)Now time has come to kick both son and mother out of the country

7)guys don’t know why all the the credit is given to times now, i mean yes they did a fantastic job bringing out this debate but it is only Italian investigators who let this happen . one point to note here is that what was our government doing for two years as the same document were available with Indian investigators as they were with italian one then what our investigators were doing till now and if the augusta westland was blacklisted then why it is dis blacklisted by our new govt and same agustus westland is part of make in india program.


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