Anti-Netaji circles,Pedal March, “Theory of Netaji’s Marriage & Son-Daughter

✩Pedal March in protest of the tactful propaganda storms
of the Indian media and the ‘Anti-Netaji circles’
for their trials to establish the old
“Theory of Netaji’s Marriage & Son-Daughter’
as a complementary to the ‘death theory of 18th Aug 1845”.
Җ •Netaji was not married and as such he is having no biological son or daughter, or legal heir.
This is well-established fact. ‘Netaji’s Character-assassination conspiracy’ is a ‘global-cum-National-cum-Family Conspiracy’.
Җ •Here are twenty-five elaborated strongest rationalistic arguments with more than fifteen sub-points as follows:-
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•█(01)►Not even a single pintail proof, vindication, attestation, authentication, sealed certificate, judicial-verdict, logical argument, materialistic evidence, or rationalistic assertion ▬ is still there which establishes the personal view or opinion or discovery of Mr. Anuj Dhar or any such other as Netaji being married and having an abrupt daughter as “Anetta Bridgette”.
•█(02)►The latest letters of the GOI in responses to the RTI applications also state that :
“GOI has no proof or record in support of the “Marriage of Netaji with the Austrian [German] Jewish Catholic lady “Fraulein Emilie Schenkl” and “Anetta Bridgette as the daughter of Netaji”.
•█(03)►On the other hand, quite all of the
(a) direct-relatives like ‘Sunil Bose’, ‘Sharat Chandra Bose’, ‘Suresh Chandra Bose’
(b) closest & favourite friends like ‘Hemanta Kr. Sarkar’, ‘Reverend Dilip Kumar Roy’, Charu Chandra Ganguli, Suhrid Chandra Mitra, … etc.
(c) coworkers & political associates like ‘Major Satya Gupta’, ‘Revolutionary Satya Ranjan Bakshi’, ‘Rvltnry Leelaa Roy-Nag’, ‘Rvltnry Anil Roy, ‘Rvltnry Anil Roy’, ‘Rvltnry Bina Das’, Col. Pritam Singh, Uttam Chand Malhotra, Bhagat Ram Talwar, … such all referred Subhas as unmarried.
•(d) ‘Anjaan Bandaa’ had his chances to meet more than 500 saints, monks, wandering ascetics, Saadhu-Baabaas with nicknamed as ‘Bhukha-Baba’, ‘Dhuni Baba’, Nanga Baba, Changa Baba, Benaam baba, Jain Muni, Udashi baba, Pagla Baba, Mauni Baba, Chishti-Baba, Janglee Baba, Dhum-Phat Baba, … including his own maternal younger uncle who was a wandering monk to stay not more than three days at a stretch in any specific place throughout his entire life starting from nine years of age up to last known age of 65 years.
▬ none of those said anything supporting Netaji’s marriage or mortal death.

✩Comments PT.-2
•█(04)► ✩❝║I HAD TO VISUALISE THE FUTURE IN TERMS OF A CELIBATE LIFE. — I’LL MARRY NEVER… … …║❞ [ ~ Netaji in ‘The Indian Pilgrim’]
✩❝║ I’m not a businessman, I don’t prefer bargaining. I hate any fakeness and falsehood, as I’m standing upon an ideal & mission. I DON’T FEEL MY LIFE AND REPUTATION SO IMPORTANT THAT I NEED TO TAKE THE SHELTER OF CLEVERNESS TO PROTECT FAKENESS & FALSEHOOD! — THAT’S THE FINAL WORD FROM MY SIDE. ║❞ [ ~ Netaji on 06 May 1927]
•█(05)► Latest on 29 Nov 1944, in a self hand-written commendation letter on the successful pass-out parade of Azad-Hind’s Tokyo-Cadets in Tokyo, Netaji stated that, “he had no ward [heir] of his own, and as such all the boys of ‘Bahadur_Shah_Suicide_Squadron’ and the girls of ‘Rani_Jhansi_Regiment’ were like his own sons & daughters [heirs].
❝▌║My dear boys, you are always in my thoughts, I am proud of you. I have faith in you. I HAVE NO SON OF MY OWN. But, you are to me more than my own son because you have dedicated your own life to the cause, which is the one and only goal of my life….. The freedom of Bharat Mata. I am confident that you will remain true to the cause and to Bharat Mata……. I am always with you in spirit.║▌❞
•█(06)► In 1935, while Subhas had to undergo an operation in gall bladder in Europe, doctor asked him to write his last testament as surgery involved risk. The great divine saintly celibate patriot wrote unforgettable words –“My assets to my countrymen, my debt to my brother Sharat.”
*This proves that he had none of his extreme own or personal like wife or biological progeny, except his countrymen.
•█(07)►In this way, starting from Jun 1914 [17 years of age] upto Nov 1944 [47 years of age] Netaji had told quite clearly, — wrote, mentioned and responded to the contemporary reporters and all, at least hundred times, which establish the fact that he was not married and never going to even think for such in future.
•█(08)►Every genuine citizen of India must remain alert regarding the aforesaid truths and they must not entertain those propagandists and stupid spokesmen on Netaji’s licentiousness in tactful ways. We must protest immediately on the sight of such posts of facebook or sites of internet, where such miscreants are found.
Remember that, Netaji said, “
❝║Forget not, that, the grossest crime is to compromise with injustice and wrong;
… … … And, the highest virtue is to battle against
all iniquity and wrong,
-no matter that the cost may be. … … ║❞

By Anjaan Bandaa

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