Drama on Netaji’s Ash: ASH & ITS CONSPIRATORS : Nehru- Mounbatten combine with Mr.Ashis Ray, Dr.Anita Pfaff ,Fr. Emilie Schenkl

Courtesy : Sen Joseph, Researcher and Netaji Activist, Kerala.

ASH & ITS CONSPIRATORS : Nehru- Mounbatten combine with Mr.Ashis Ray, Dr.Anita Pfaff ,Fr. Emilie Schenkl(which one we don’t know as there are more than one lady by such a name)& Mr. P. Mukherjee!!!!!!!!!!!!

PMO file G-16(3)95-NGO this is as of today available on second page of the web

This is pertaining to the deliberations of GOI at the highest level on proposal to bring alleged mortal remains of Netaji to India, and is of the period in question reflected in the file from the period 1991 to 1995 end.

1.As instructed Home Secretary, Mr.Padmanabhaih made a detailed note for Principal Secretary to PM dated 02/02/1995 on the subject matter of PROPOSAL TO BRING MORTAL REMAINS OF NETAJI TO INDIA

2.As per the detailed note, the Bose Academy of Japan, comprising of war time Jap veteran admirers of Netaji to convene their last memorial service at Renkoji temple on August 18th 1995 and thereafter owing to their old age they would like GOI to take hold of the ASHES and shift to India

3.The note says of CCPA (Cabinet Committee for Political Affairs ) had considered the matter back in it’s meeting on 27/02/1991 and had finalized that no useful purpose would be served if there is another inquiry into Netaji’s disappearance and also that if the ashes are brought to India

4.The note further says that IB is against such a step as there is no public demand for it and there would be outburst among masses in West Bengal

5.The note says of 1956 and 1974 reports being accepted by GOI and later in Sep 1978, Morarji Desai rejecting the conclusions in Parliament

6.The said note also says of a meeting and finding of COS (Committee of Secretaries) on the matter dated 20/07/1994 as per instruction of Ministry, which was also against bringing ashes to India owing to possible mass upheaval

7.The Principal Secretary to PM made a detailed analysis on the basis of the HM Sec’s note dated 07/02/1995 and according to which all points of the said note have been included but MEA is mentioned of opining that the ashes should not be taken to India rather either GOI should increase the annual Maintenance charges of the ashes being kept at the temple to the temple authorities from 6 lakh Yen to 1 million Yen or to take hold of the ashes and shift them to the strong room of the Embassy of India in Tokyo, and also that for the time being this is the best option
8.The Principal Secretary to PM mentions further on record that either GOI must bring the ashes to Delhi and make a memorial but on the basis of common consensus among all sections of Netaji’s family or approach Emilie (widow) and Anita (daughter) settled In Germany through Dr.Sisir Bose and also to influence Amiya Nath Bose, the biggest skeptic of Plane crash event at the highest level or accept MEA’s suggestion to increase annual maintenance charges of the temple

9.There is no suggestion of Govt of Japan to shift the ashes but for their inquiry as 50th year of Netaji’s death is falling in Aug 1945

10.The Cabinet met on the subject basing it’s agenda on the said Principal Sec to PM’s detailed analysis dated 07/02/95 which in fact was based on Home Sec’s note dated 02/02/95 and deferred decision for the Centenary year of Netaji, i.e, 1997

11.According to PMO paper on the said Cabinet meeting, the easiest course was to wait till Centenary year and a Centenary Committee to be formed at the earliest to discuss on ashes and memorial too
12.The Cabinet also felt the need to authorize EAM (Pranab Mukherji) to directly approach Widow and Daughter in Germany and convince of the need for ashes to be taken to India (to convince immediate family rather than getting consensus of extended family)

13.There is a reference by PMO as well as MHA that Ashish.C.Ray has written a letter on bringing ashes to India to PM marking copy to Vajpayee, Leader of Opposition, Jyothi Basu, CM of W,Bengal, S.R.Bommai and Chitta Basu. This letter is taken as very important for the earlier suggested plan (it is mentioned CONTINGENCY PLAN) and is dated 11th August 1945 and he states that he is very close to widow and daughter and he is a grand nephew too, He met Moineer Rehman, son of late Habibur Rehman and got confirmation that Netaji died in the Plane crash, he went to USSR and have seen papers proving Netaji’s non-entry to USSR ever since Aug 1945, he has checked other papers too. He also says that though Japan has made an inquiry in 1956, the report is yet to be released and that GOI must ask for it, UK also has made updation may be contrary to their finding in 1940s that Bose might have escaped, but papers are yet to be seen by any, he says widow and daughter are supportive of bringing the ashes and that there are certain elements within the family who do not know modern findings and he do not blame anyone for it,he suggests GOI to approach Japan and UK for conclusive evidence as per common sense and not to institute any fresh inquiry wasting resources. The HM, Mr.S.B.Chavan being instructed made a report on the basis of this letter stating that UK is yet to release their findings and Japan too, though he emphasized on the Russian response of 1991 on Netaji’s non-entry of USSR ever since Aug 1945

14.EAM visited both the ladies and others including Anita’s husband and children at Augsburg in Germany on 21st October 1995

15.EAM has made a summary of his work to the Cabinet signed by him dated 28th Oct 1995 as per which he convinced all concerned including WIDOW ( running against the Surya Bose’a and Chandra Bose’s and Anuj’s statements that EmIlie did not give consent for taking alleged ashes to India and even asked Pranab Mukherji to clear out of the house). The ladies were hospitable and they agreed to resolve the matter of controversy once for all. He showed them Russian reply of 1991 stating that Russia have no record to prove Netaji;s stay in USSR in late 1945 or afterwards. He also states that the ladies suggested for a memorial and asked him whether it would be nice to immerse the ashes in Ganga or deposit them in Himalayas. The summary goes on to state that Anita Pfaff suggested that as there is public sentiment against the ashes and a section of family are against the bring of the same, whether it would be better to bring the same from Japan to Germany and till she effect a consensus withing the larger family, she would preserve them in Germany. The ambassador at Bonn who was present at the meeting said that Japan is against taking the same from their country to a third country. Anita however said she is the final authority as to accept the ashes not other relatives though she would try to reach a consensus with all others.

16. EAM concludes that a forward movement of the matter has been achieved as a result of his meeting the widow and daughter

17.PMO internal secret paper dated 30th October 1995, i.e, after 2 days of EAM’s summary for cabinet categorically states that the Government has finally decided only to increase the annual maintenance charges for the temple to preserve and care for the MORTAL REMAINS from 6 lakhs Yen i Million Yen as earlier suggested by MEA and not to shift ashes either to Indian embassy or to India or to Germany

There ends the file

Countrymen in the Netaji ASH CONSPIRACY the conspirators are , as per the File mentioned : Mr. Ashis Ray, Bose family member, Dr. Anita Pfaff ,the hired lady playing the role of daughter, Fr. E. Schenkl , some lady claiming to be the mother of Dr. Anita Pfaff and of course Mr. Pranab Mookherjee. Dr. Anita Pfaff makes it clear that she is aware of her legal rights ,which Nehru wanted from this puppet!!

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