World’s Worst Political Drama on Netaji’s Death, Nationalism is inspired by the highest ideals of the human race

World’s Worst Political Drama on Netaji’s Death, Nationalism is inspired by the highest ideals of the human race

Post No: EX26 -12
Topic: ❝Is is must for a truth to be also pleasant and beautiful?
—Or, a truth must be for the sake truth only ?!❞
Album: “EX26; “TRUTHs of SUBHAS & their EXPOSITIONS’ ”
★ ❝Nationalism is inspired by the highest ideals of the human race, Satyam [the true], Shivam [the peace, godliness, pleasant], Sundaram [the beautiful]. Nationalism in India has … roused the creative faculties which for centuries had been lying dormant in our people. ~ Netaji Subhas.

█(01)►In the struggle for materializing the ideas, ideals, dreams and missions, — success & failure have their no role in alternating the goal, -but that can only suggest verification of the applicability of the methods applied !
Any failure has always been seen as the beginning of a subsequent success, while every success may be followed by some failures in turn.
Swami Vivekananda says : “Fight always, – fight and fight on, -that’s the ideal !”
“The universe is moving in cycles of wave-forms, – it rises and reaches the zenith; – but then falls and remain in the hollow as it were for sometimes.
That is how the wheels of evolution is moving on and the
█(02)► Imaginations and dreams are the basic & fundamental functions of brain of any creature, — as discussions, augmentations, debating are also the need of the brain for justifying any thought or idea.
But any idea, proposal or statement is never liable to be consumed as some reality or truth, – unless & until that is well-supported with materialistic–evidences, logical arguments, rationalistic-proofs !!!
Imagining, dreaming, or conceptual-ideas are certainly some abstract form of realization, — but still not One may love to enjoy also in manufacturing or listening gossips and concocted stories of the demons and fairies.
But those should be enjoyed with their originalities, — but never by converting or alternating those into some solid form of realities.
In my opinion, things must be allowed to stay as they are, — and then may also be preserved with their originality.
█(03)►For me, though I’m an atheist but still not a nihilist,
— if that God becomes visible to me, and declares himself as the God
— most politely but still strongly , I’ll ask that God that, please
— either prove that you are the really God,
— or at least inject some faith within me, so that I may believe you as the God !!!
█(04)►Every human-being even with his little functional-ability of the brain, has his full right to think anything and also to say or express those without any kind of hesitations.
►But why should the others may be made bound to hear or listen those, -without adequate & justified arguments and explanations??
►The simple way-put from this problem is just to prefix or suffix a clause like :
– “‘this is my extremely personal view or opinion or belief or faith, that, this is such and such …”.
█(05)►Suppose, anybody thinks in this way that, :
“Netaji married seven times and each of his wives divorced him, finally causing him to suicide on 18th Aug 1945, or in Sep 1954, or on any day during 1957-58, or on 16th Sep 1985, or on … !”
►As long as he thinks such, nobody should have any objection to raise, as none can know what that person thinks on what !
►Everybody has his own thought-process running always within his brain-cells, and may have also any faith based on some personal beliefs.
A creature thinks anything according to his own intellectual ability, acquires knowledge’s and accumulated experiences in his life, — which formulate and design his thought-pattern!!!
No other person has any role in the thought-patterns of such a person who thinks so.
█(06)►But as soon as that above-mentioned person will express his such thoughts in the form of some lectures or write-ups, all the other persons have their full right to demand materialistic-evidences, scientific-proofs, logical-arguments, judicially acceptable statements on his depicted thoughts of such nature.
Because as one has his full right to possess any belief or faith, – such is also applicable for the others; ▬ and thereby, none has any right to hurt the faith(s) of other without sufficient rationalistic concrete points for his depicted cross-faith !
█(07)►Now, let me express some of my observations of the quoted lines of Netaji in the visual, which runs as :
Nationalism is inspired by the highest ideals of the human race, Satyam [the true], Shivam [the peace, godliness, pleasant], Sundaram [the beautiful]. Nationalism in India has … roused the creative faculties which for centuries had been lying dormant in our people.❞
█(08)►most personally, and strictly ‘Anjaan Bandaa’ is for none except truth.
Generally our tradition teaches us to be happy always with the status of “Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram”.
But personally I realized that, only “Satyam” is everlasting and trustworthy, —while the lasting-periods of Shivam [peacefulness, pleasant and smoothness] and “Sundaram” [beautifulness] remain always doubtful, fickle and un-assured as well as unsecured !
►The word “Shivam” is taken here NOT as the Mahaakaal, or Rudra or such other daity, – but it is symbolic-conversion as some theme which representing ‘peace’ and ‘smoothness’, and as such, it is not an eternal entity at all in any respect.
Similarly, “Sundaram” is nothing but a kind of humanistic-feelings under psychic-illusion, or hallucination or emotional-trance .
►Hence, ‘Anjaan Bandaa’s strong opinion based on practical experiences is this that, :
“we must strive for the truth or “Satyam” only, —which is abstract-reality;
▬ remaining quite free from the aspects “Shivam” [that is peacefulness or psychologically pleasant] ▬ and “Sundaram” [-that is, beautifulness physical appearance], as these are highly temporal & artificial status of !
█(09)►However, ‘Anjaan Bandaa’ do admit that, for the communication of a ‘truth’ from one’s brain to the brains of the others, — it becomes very difficult if not that raw-truth is sufficiently ornamented with the aspects of ‘Shivam’ [sweetness pf peace] and ‘Sundaram’ [attractive beauties].
But still no addition, subtractions, multiplication, divisions, alterations, modification, and amplifications must affect the originality of the ‘raw-truth’.
█(10)►Let us thus close this controversial-discussion with quoting the following famous para from the great Netaji-lover Ranjan Bora:
❝▌ In the history of India’s struggle for freedom, one man stands out in all distinctiveness and a class by himself. In physique and mental constitution, in manner and life style, in ideology and in action packed with drama and daring unmatched in contemporary annals, Netaji-Subhas is in his total personality a unique phenomenon of twentieth century India.

The story of Subhas Chandra Bose needs to be told and understood in the context of the long march of the Indian people to independence from 1857 to 1947.
His birth in 1897 marked the exact-mid-point of that crusade. With the Renaissance behind him, he grew up in harmony with the evolution of India’s national movement, responding and reacting to it positively since his early childhood. Even as a schoolboy in a foreign missionary school, he found the milieu foreign to his nature and was thus already a rebel at heart….▌❞
█(11)►…And, from the side of ‘Anjaan Bandaa’, let him repeat his following words attributed to the greatest soul, – the planet has ever produced :
❝▌ … Netaji is a great architecture of a dream, —a dream for a slave-less human civilization.
In fact he was born into that dream, 〜 he lives into that dream, 〜 he is absorbed thoroughly into that dream, 〜 he dissolves himself into that dream, and at last 〜 he disappears into his lovely dream.
Netaji is a dreamer as well as a most rationalistic visionary in his all activities throughout his prolonged life, which finally shaped him as a great mystic. And as a mystic, he always disappears repeatedly in his dreams and missions. He gets no time to punch even his fingerprints on his activities. As soon as he jumps from one spot to other, the previous mark of foot-step does either vanish or close its all holes for any entrance into that by common people like us, -as that goes beyond our perceptions!!! ….▌❞
█(12)►O the emancipator of the centuries’ slaves of Asia-Africa ! —the greater than the greatest talented divine personality of our human-civilization! — the prophet of the future !
accept our millions of ‘Salaams’ – a thousand-crore of Pranams at thy feet !!!
★Jayatu Netaji! ★Long Live Revolution!!

By Anjan Banda

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