Partition: The Day India Burned: Gandhi failed to convince Muslim to unite India

Partition: The Day India Burned: Gandhi failed to convince Muslim to unite India

In August 1947, the British decided to quit India after nearly 200 years of taking power. India, one the most ethnically diverse nations in the world was to be divided. One country will now become two, India and Pakistan. The once peaceful land now implodes, people are forced out the villages that they have lived in for generations. 15 million scramble to be on the right side of the boarder, at least 1 million die in the process. Communities that have lived together for centuries turn on each other in one of the worst communal massacres of the 20th century. Britain the once great colonial power looks on as India Burns.

Not many  know that Tara Singh, original name Nank Chand Malhotra, had foolishly tore Muslim League banner on March 3,1947 on the steps of Punjab Assmebly , Lahore, with his three feet long KIRPAN and shouted PAKISTAN MURDABAD slogans to irritate Muslims, who started killing Sikhs and turned them out of Pak area of Punjab. He also panned to kill Jinnah and Muslims. Read TOP secret report of  V & G G at page 172 of “Mountbatten and the Partition of India”

PARTITION…???? can these people pay back the loss we PUNJABIs beared at that time..??? its like destruction is written in fate of my punjab..if rules were made in delhi or london then why didnt they kill their people..????why only punjab dude..???

the tooth fairy that i believe ins better than yours. .brainwashed sheep..GANDHI was the man…i like him.. he was called a terrorist over here  ..the real terrorists are western governmentss and big bigness.this is wot a fascist is in the English dictionary..and look how racists that is    ..everything black in the dictionary is bad…and everything white is good    …look at it one day

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