Inspirational: ” Not an IAS Officer, but not even less than that” Beena Rao is changing the lives of thousands of slum children

Inspirational: ” Not an IAS Officer, but not even less than that”

Beena Rao is changing the lives of thousands of slum children around her with her simple initiative.
Her father was her role model ever since she was a kid. A violinist by profession, he would teach blind students for free in his spare time and this always inspired Rao.
She introduced Prayas, a free coaching institute for slum children, with the help of her husband in 2006. Initially having started with teaching 2-3 children herself, she now has a team of 34 volunteers who teach around 4,200 students at eight different coaching centers across Surat, Gujarat.
Rao, with the help of various volunteers, conducts coaching for the students of classes for free. She pays Rs.1,000-1,500 to the volunteers out of her own pocket or some donations that Prayas receives.
Classes are conducted in the evening from 6 pm to 8 pm. Apart from teaching basic subjects, she also imparts moral education, and encourages students to engage in various art, craft activities,
discipline, yoga, mannerisms, and other aspects which are often neglected by the government schools.
The students are taken for various science and sports workshops to train them in specific fields so that it could help them in the future as well. These workshops have benefited around 3,000 students in various areas.
Rao also started a Mobile Laboratory to promote the spirit of science in underprivileged kids and to identify those who have potential to pursue a career in the sciences. These workshops are conducted once a month by B.Ed. students.
A couple of months of training brought radical changes in the students. They stopped using abusive language and slang, mellowed down a bit and learnt a few basic courtesies. They became more disciplined and started showing better results in academics.
Rao and her team also distribute books to these slum children to inculcate reading habits in them. Around 5,000 students have benefited from this so far.
Rao recalls an incident when she needed Rs.15,000 to pay the volunteers but she didn’t get any response from the people she approached. A man from Halpati Samaj community who owned a liquor shop came to Rao and offered help. Rao was surprised and asked him the reason behind his gracious gesture. “I don’t want my kids to sell liquor when they grow old. I would like them to study and get a good job and you are helping them achieve it,” the man said. Rao was moved and decided to do more for the community.
Rao earns nothing from the trust, and she doesn’t expect anything in return except participation from slum children. She has a mission to make these students as good as mainstream school students.
We meet a lot of people and some people bring a positive wave in the lives of people around them. Rao, with her initiative, has given hope to these slum children to dream big and opt for better careers.
God bless Her with strength.
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