Rickshaw puller son turned IAS officer

A waiter turned IAS officer.

Govind Jaiswal: In the year 2006, 22-year-old Govind Jaiswal ranked 48 in the Civil Services Exam. His father is a rickshaw puller who sold off his land to provide education to his son. From the money collected after selling off the land, Govind enrolled himself in a coaching class, and ended up qualifying the examinations, and how!

The same police officers who once harassed his father now refer to him as ‘sir’. Amidst 10-14 hours of power cuts and the deafening sound of generators, Govind Jaiswal toiled every night and said he first wanted to get his father treated for his wounds. His father had saved a little land he planned to sell for his three daughters’ weddings, but Govind has ensured that won’t happen anymore

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UPSC Civil Services Topper Govind Jaiswal IAS, he is an inspirational icon to civil aspirants in India, He got 48th rank in 2006 Batch as a rickshaw vendor’s son from Varanasi. He is sharing some personal and career information to a private tv channel.

Very emotional and heart touching video Govind sir you are the great person for inspiration.

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