Shame of Humanity, Shocking : ISIS Sells Women for Arms and Ammunition

To hell with isis…..they think they will go to JANNAT but they won’t understand killing any human in ISLAM or any other religion is totally not allowed…….THESE PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF WOMEN BUT IN ISLAM WOMENS IS MOST PRICELESS THINGS THATS WHY ISLAM 1ST PREFERENCE IS TO RESPECT WOMEN….PEOPLE like BAGDADI use JIHAAD to kill people but JIHAAD in islam teaches to fight against own negative thinking…..

This people won’t gets even place in Hell…GOD today thinks why he made human???? for money,to fight against each other….he just made human……but relgions makes people terrorist or to beg……(sirf bheekh mangna bhagwan se or antakwadi banana) thats what religion teaches…

The whole world should join together and send in their armies and destroy these Isis demons and hang them. These women need to be freed from them monsters. I would call Isis animals, but I don’t want to disrespect our cats and dogs. Even animals don’t do things like this.

It is not a Fake !!! I have 100% proof that this slave-trade is a fact … 7 thousand yezidi and christian girls captured in the last month and the Isis bastards are selling them now ! Tfuuu on them they will burn in hell

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