Greatest Indians Choose Dr. B. R Amberkar 1. Nehru and Ambedkar: Was Ambedkar greater than Nehru and Patel

1)The god sent the Amdedkar for dalitas…he is only god for sc, st .and mahilas…he is a greatest pratr…t
2)Babasaheb is not just the Greatest Indian but he is the Greatest Person In the History of Humanity !
3)Dr. B. R Ambedker is god. god can not be compare with lucche lafange kutte kamine cheater pupils. Hindu dharma is remain save by Dr. Sahab .
4)Between Nehru and Ambedkar, Ambedkar wins in my poll on all accounts. Indian people always like white skin, smooth talker, never would prefer thinkers. In my book , Swami Vivekananda, Dr Ambedkar and perhaps Subramaniya Bharati(In Tamil) were the real thinkers. Sardar Patel was the real man of action. I have read all Nehru’s book, there was no original research he was still supporting Aryan-Dravidian theory of western thinkers. I have read Dr Ambedkars Colombia PhD papers he wrote when he was just 25, it was amazing. He in fact praised India for her cultural unity but condemned caste system , again he didn’t blame the Brahmins alone for that.
by Partha Gopalan


5)The Dalit Icon Dr. Ambedkar was the greatest hero. Only for his idea and struggle today the Muslim people, sc, st, and the obc and all the minorities are staying today very safely in some extent in India.

6)No doubt Mr Kulkarni is ant-ambedkar but this female host also an anti ambedkar. The duty of any host to let to talk more for the special guests but she seems oppose Babasahed, shame on her Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had wrote a Hindu Code Bill for all Hinduism and women, Due to him she is able to sit in front of million people, otherwise she might takes care of her husband and kitchen,

7) God send Dr.babasaheb ambedker to teach right things to Indian Hindu community for changing their harmful ideology for the progressive Nation.

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