Sukanya Devi’s gang Rape by Rahul Gandhi & friends :It’s Time for justice?

On 3rd December 2006, Rahul Gandhi was camping at Amethi along with 7 others including 4 foreigners (two from Britain and other two from Italy, names not known).


Rape victim : Sukanya Devi.

ADDRESS : 23-12 Medical Choke, Sanjay Gandhi Marg, Amethi, Raebareli, UP, INDIA

Around 9 P.M all of them were drinking liquor at a V.I.P. guest house in a high security zone. They had an uninvited guest, a young girl named Sukanya Devi, 24 years of age, a staunch follower of Nehru-Gandhi family and daughter of Congress worker Balram Singh. 

Sukanya was looking for an opportunity to meet Rahul Gandhi since last two years and on that fateful night she able to meet him. Sukanya’s family has been supporting the Congress party since the time of Nehru.


When she met Rahul he spoke to her for a couple of minutes and later he and his friends offered here liquor. Sukanya was amazed seeing all this, she was not feeling comfortable, she refused to have liquor and took permission to leave, but she was forced to stay back and drink.


She kept resisting, but they raped her one by one. She cried for help, but her cries fell on deaf ears. Even the security personnel preferred to remain as mute spectators.


She kept weeping all along and was threatened and asked to keep her mouth shut. She was given Rs.50,000 /-. She straightaway went to the local police station.


The police refused to book any complaint and asked her to go home. Before she could reach home, Congress workers had gathered at her house and gave a different version of the incident to her father.


They accused her of trying to seduce Rahul Gandhi. Her father Balram Singh, without giving her a chance to explain what had happened to her beat her up mercilessly.


Mr.Balram Singh learnt the facts from others who were witness to the crime, but he preferred to remain quite as he did not want to challenge Mr.Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party.


Sukanya’s mother Sumitra Devi, who learnt about the whole incident immediately went with her daughter to Police HQ in Amethi. The Police officials refused to book any complaint and advised her to remain quite.


She went from pillar to post pleading for justice, but…



Thu, 18 Oct 2012-06:19pm , New Delhi , PTI
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The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed as without substance a petition against Rahul Gandhi, which had alleged that he had confined a girl in Uttar Pradesh, and slapped costs of Rs10 lakh, including Rs5 lakh on an ex-SP MLA, who had filed it.

The court also directed that CBI shall continue the investigation against the petitioner — ex-Samajwadi Party MLA Kishore Samrite and other persons — who are involved in filing of the frivolous petitions and asked it to submit a report within six months.

“The allegation is without substance and without an iota of evidence,” a bench of justices BS Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar said on the allegation levelled against Gandhi of rape of a girl in Uttar Pradesh and illegally detaining her along with her parents.

“The reputation of respondent no 6 (Rahul Gandhi) has been damaged by the undesirable act of the petitioner (Samrite),” the bench said.

The apex court further said the petition was “misconceived” and that Samrite abused the process of law on the basis of incorrect statement.

The bench passed the order on an appeal filed by Samrite challenging an order of the Allahabad High Court which had dismissed his plea against Gandhi and imposed costs of Rs50 lakh on him for filing a frivolous petition.

The high court had also directed a CBI probe against the former MLA from Madhya Pradesh. Samrite had then approached the apex court against the high court’s order.

The Supreme Court said the petition filed by Samrite in Allahabad High Court was based upon falsehood, was abuse of the process of court and was driven by malice and political vendetta.

“Thus, while dismissing this petition, we impose exemplary costs of Rs5 lakhs,” being payable to Gandhi, the bench said.

The court also dismissed the petition filed by one Gajender Pal Singh, who had also approached the Allahabad High Court for saving the reputation of Gandhi and the family of alleged detenees.

It said Singh had approached the court with unclean hands, without disclosing complete facts and misusing the judicial process.

“In fact, he filed the petition without any proper authority, in fact and in law. Thus the petition is also dismissed with exemplary cost of Rs5 lakh for abuse of the process of the court and/or for such other offences that they are found to have committed,” the bench said adding that this amount will be given to the girl’s family.

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