Video: Dr B.R. Ambedkar never consider M.K Gandhi as a Mahatma !!!

Video: Dr B.R. Ambedkar never consider M.K Gandhi as a Mahatma !!!

Dr. B. R Ambedkar was an intellectual and I respect him for whatever constructive contributions he made for India. The only point of difference I have is that he did not understand Sanathan Dharm in it’s true form. Even the idea of caste when originally conceived by 2 great Rishis,it had nothing to do with birth. It was based on distributing the 4 levers of power in a society – land, wealth, weapons and knowledge – so that no one person controls all these levers and becomes a dictator.

They gave different names to people who control these – brahmins were those who had the capacity to absorb knowledge and they were not supposed to have wealth, land or weapons. Kshatriyas are those that have capacity to wield weapons and they were to protect society but won’t control land; Vaishyas are those that had capacity to do business, gain and manage wealth. They were supposed to provide wealth to society. And finally Sudras were those that knew how to manage land and provide to society what land gives such as food. The Brahmins provide knowledge and advice to society. This had nothing to do with birth. Vyasa, who is worshipped as Guru of Gurus was born to a fisher woman but became, through his capacity for knowledge a Brahmin and was respected by all. Valmiki was a tribal but through his knowledge became a Brahmin (which simply means a knower of Brahman or God ). Today, if you walk into any office, is the CEO and clerk same?

They control different levers of power within the firm. Even in a modern office, a CEO may think he is “above” a clerk. But in the Indian classification of professions there is no room even for this “above” or “below”, because our rishis knew that a society cannot survive without these for levers of power working together and as equals. Yes, some where down the ages these four levers for converted into caste and it was attached to birth and one began to feel superior to the other leading to all the problems we face today. Our Sanathan Dharm talks of the oneness of souls and so our rishis could never have conceived of an idea that makes one human inferior to another. So, what is the solution to this man-made distinctions in today’s world? This is where I disagree with Ambedkar. He thought by reservations, without concern for merit, he can remove these inequalities. I won’t blame him for this thought, because he himself wanted the reservations only for 20 years because he felt in 20 years the inequality will go away. But the result is there for all of us to see. Today, reservations has become a political tool and after 68 years of freedom the inequalities exist add they were in 1947. And what is worst, we have given the go-by to merit and destroyed our creativity. So, what was or is the solution?

1. Law should have been made to give the most stringent punishment such as life sentence to any one discriminating against another human being.

2. World class schools and education should be given to everyone and those that can’t afford it must be given this education free purely based on economic criteria. 3. All castes must be legally declared null and void. One can practice one’s religion but not caste. So, I can be a Hindu but my caste should never be mentioned anywhere or even asked for. The reservation policy may have helped a few but overall it’s a failure and as Supreme Court observed, India is the only country where “people stand in line to proclaim their backwardness”! So, if caste distinctions are to be removed make it a criminal offence with life sentence, but remove ask reservations except one based on economic criteria. Because of this reservations policy, today the backward communities in this country are being exploited more by their own political leaders like Mayawati and Lalu Yadav and others rather than by Brahmins

By Easwaran R. B.

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