Was Rajeev Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi’s last boyfriend? Know all of them.

Boyfriends of Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi is the longest serving President of the Indian National Congress. She has been continuously ranked for last ten years as one of the most powerful women of the world. Such is her power that it is practically impossible to raise question about her personal life even when her party is not in power. This article is an attempt to touch some aspects of her personal life, which are largely unheard.

It is widely known fact that Rajiv Gandhi fell in love with Sonia when he had seen her for the very first time. But, there are still many things here which are required to be investigated. Sonia Gandhi is a born Italian and her maiden name was Antonio Maino. When she fell in love with Rajiv Gandhi, she was not able to speak or even understand Hindi or English. Love needs communication. And, you need to share a language to communicate.

First Boyfriend of Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi might have many boyfriends. But, the first boyfriend who came out publicly with photographs was Franco Luison.

Sonia Gandhi in 1968


Franco Luison was a successful Football player. When he first saw Antonio Maino (Sonia Gandhi), he fell in love with her. At that time, Sonia was only 14 years old while Luison was 26. The family of Sonia Gandhi was quite happy with this relationship. They were not rich and seeing a successful player dating their girl was enthralling. Sonia Gandhi and her entire family were pressurizing Luison to get married. However, Lusion said that because of some personal and professional issues he was postponing the marriage. After four years of seeing each other, Sonia went to London for some work. In London, she came in contact with Rajiv Gandhi. In an interview, Luison said that Sonia frankly told her about Rajiv Gandhi and their plan to get married.

Second Boyfriend of Sonia Gandhi

Obviously, Rajiv Gandhi was her second boyfriend. There is nothing to add about this relationship, as the entire world is aware of.

Third Boyfriend of Sonia Gandhi

It is alleged that Sonia Gandhi was in a relationship with Ottavio Quattrochi. However, there is no official information about this. And, we were not able to even find a photograph of them together in a private ambience. We can’t say whether they were seeing each other or not. It may also be possible that this is just a political game by opponent to show Sonia’s direct involvement in the Bofors Scam.

Fourth Boyfriend of Sonia Gandhi


Similar is the case of Sonia’s relationship. It is said that Sonia and Madhavrao Scindia were seeing each other in the early 1980s. Even they were involved in an accident near IIT, Delhi. Madhav Rao Scindia was driving the car and Sonia was the only passenger. She was immediately sent to the PM residence and Mr. Scindia was admitted to hospital. Again, nothing official is about this relationship.

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