I will not employ Rahul Gandhi as clerk in my office Ramjethmalani said in Aap Ki Adalat

I will not employ Rahul Gandhi as clerk in my office Ramjethmalani said in Aap Ki Adalat

“Rahul is known dumb but corrupt congress party (CCP) looted India for last 60+ years via gotalas and being foreign puppet. All foreign contracts bribes are in foreign banks. India has highest black money in Italy, swiss , Singapore banks. Its not easy to recover without cooperation of those countries and banks. Divide and rule policy worked for CCP all these years. Minority now wake-up. Modi can do lot more in next 10 years. Sabka sath Sabka vikas. Root of corruption are deep in India. Modi alone can’t remove all. He can set example and punish here and there. Modi is trying his best to recover those money.”


“I don’t know why people are talking shit about Ram Jetmalani. For god’s sake people, he’s a lawyer! He’s employed to defend and that is what he must do. Every man deserves a “Fair” trial. And that means that if there is any law that can protect him, it shall and will! Stop hating on him, he’s done more for the country than you ever will in your entire life! Peace out!”

“‘Law Clerk’ … they provide legal assistance to the judiciary and practicing attorneys are often law student interns who are highly educated. I think he meant Rahul does not even qualify for an entry level job, not an insult as such.”


I think clerk is not so cheap one must understand. One must not abuse  to clerk say clerk since clerk is back boon of office and office is running by clerk and clerk is only responsible in small wages to work where now days so many UPSC products are doing.  @ President of India was  also  clerk, clerk will never fought and will take side of murder knowing that such human sense is there.  And as if you will apply could not pass exam how  and who are you constitutionally talk like this about word clerks.   I was sole appreciator  only left Murderer of Indira ji who was PM of India and second one word is clerk very much disagree with you if  I was able i have file suit against you.  .

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