Amazing unbelievable videos of Netaji : Netaji is alive,active & on the threshold of changing the course of bharat

Netaji is alive,active & on the threshold of changing the course of bharat. he is now “sant samrat”,the topmost sannasi that one can be,capable of super human powers.till now,he was preparing himself to b able to pull out a country so deep into that he is virtually the”BRAMHA” himself,the time has come.Bharatiya Subhash Sena is the organization dedicated to this cause.whatever our supremo directs us to do,we do it. Devote urself to Netaji….Get the feel of “PURNA SWARAJ”…

Can anyone prove honestly that Netaji died? such a great man died somewhere someday and nobody including the govt of India got no proof or news of it..can anyone believe this?
government’s long standing silence on revealing the actual truth about the one and only Netaji itself suggests that govt knows something but wants suppress it at any cost.
finally,if Netaji really died,then why did the govt extend the ban on Netaji as a war criminal to allied nations to 2021? why did it need to form 4 consecutive commissions to find the truth about Netaji if there is nothing new to know about every time?and what did the last commission i.e. Mukherjee commission say in its verdict?
that Netaji is alive.

I have a video where Mr. Mukherjee says this on record.
still govt of India pretends & refuses to let the truth come out open.
& still the people of India continues to be skeptical about Netaji….
really shame on us..

Look out for this page…as I will b sharing the unseen photos of Netaji…and the current ones.

In the name of independence, Britain only handed partial freedom to India.In 1945,the British India became a member of British commonwealth,where the ‘crown’ is stated as the head of all commonwealth nations.through the so called 1947 independence,India only achieved a dominion status of Great Britain.whereas national flag was changed,India continued to be a member of commonwealth under the same previous clauses and conditions,where it is clearly stated that the President is a mere representative of British crown and is answerable to head of commonwealth nation,i.e. the king or queen of Britain.
Also,1947 independence of India was approved by United nations,which was effectively run by USA and Britain. Netaji waged war against them.naturally the uncompromising netaji was an eyesore to them.
Lord mountbaten,by his own power made CHARTER 41 ACT which declared netaji as a war criminal of 2nd war world to allied nations.As per the act,Indian govt is bound to hand over netaji to United Nations whenever he surfaces in the country.The ban on netaji was in effect till 1999 but to our surprise,it has been extended to 2020,which hints at many things.
So if netaji had surfaced in India,the govt of india would have been put under pressure.On one hand,public would revolt against govt. for bargaining for the power to be had at cost of selling netaji to the enemies,on the other hand failure to hand neaji over the unitd nations would have meant breaching of contract with UN,possibly resulting in an international & a civil war.govt never really tried to give the due respect to netaji as it might have them losing the favour of USA & UK.
To avoid the bloodbath and to stop India to be a battlefield,netaji did not come out in open.
but after acquiring spiritual power through devotion,service,sacrifice & meditation,the time has now come to us…to free our beloved mother land once again.

If the enemy Americans refused to believe the death of netaji,what did prompt the govt. of India to accept the news of the death of netaji so readily & quietly?

Did you know Netaji played a vital role behind the scene in the Chinese revolution?even Mao Tse-Tung acknowledged the presence of a master mind who gave direction in Chinese revolution.


UK fought many Wars including WWI & WWII, but of all the Wars UK considers the War with Netaji’s Azad Hind Fauj to have been the greatest and the Toughest!
which means that the WAR of INDEPENDENCE of INDIA by NETAJI was the greatest war in the world

In 1967, Prof Samar Guha exploded in Parliament: “Nowhere in the world has a revolutionary army…[has] been betrayed by a free country like we have betrayed the INA. Just at the time of the INA trial in Red Fort there was a rush among the Congress leaders to share the glory of the INA… (but) when our leaders came to power, the INA was completely betrayed. Our future generations will feel ashamed for this. None of the INA men, not a single man of the INA, who valiantly fought against British rule was incorporated in our national army.

Do you know who were incorporated in free India’s national army? Only those INA men, who made a statement that they joined INA under duress were incorporated in our Indian Army and those INA men who boldly and courageously said, without caring for what will happen to them during the trial, that they joined it to fight for this national freedom were not only not taken but their pension, pay and allowances, everything has been forfeited and not paid till now.

Your head will explode if you take this to be true!

In 1962 freedom fighter Prof Atul Sen, who had been acquainted with the top names of his times, accidentally met mysterious holy man “Bhagwanji”, the controversy about whose identity has led the Allahabad High Court to pass an order on 31 Jan 2013.

This is a note of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, which bears the File no. 23(II)/56-57/PM, dated 2.12.1954 and the note is signed by M.O. Mathai.

It says that a small amount of Rs. 200 along with the ashes and other remains of Netaji were received by the Minister of External Affairs in 1954.

What happened to the INA Treasure then?? worth over crores? And the biggest question of all..IfNetaji’s ashes were received by the External Affairs Ministry in 1954, when PM Jawaharlal Nehru himself was the External Affairs Minister, then what is that which is kept at the Renkoji Temple in Japan? And why are we still paying the Japanese for its maintenance?

M.O. Mathai (1909-1981) was assistant to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. He worked with the United States Army in India before becoming an assistant to Nehru in 1946. He resigned in 1959 following Communist allegations of misuse of power. Later he wrote two books on his alleged experieces of Nehru and his times, which became controversial.

By Bharatiya Subhas Sena-We Want Nothing But Netaji

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