Dr Subramanian Swamy speech during “Breaking India” book release function

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy was keynote speaker to honor Rajiv Malhotra, author of the best selling book, “Breaking India” (Amaryllis, 2011) in Bangalore, November 20th, 2011

Dr Swamy explains how the Britishers have used policies to divide-n-rule India. One of them was the Aryan-Dravidian myth propagated to alienate South India from North India. He explains how the history of India was distorted by British and continues to be taught in our history books. The concept of India’s true identity needs to be taught and that is Sanatan Dharma. The Christians & Muslims can be fit into this past because they have the same ancestors as the Hindus.

Dr Swamy emphasizes on the need for a counter-intellectual movement to counter the anti-Indian/left-wing/anti-Hindu intellectual forces. The word “Dravid” is itself Sanskrit and not Tamil. He further says that recent DNA studies done in India & abroad have shown that the DNA of all Indians is same. Today Christian Missionaries and Islamic aggression is trying to divide India. Dr Swamy also emphasizes that in today’s India reservation is a tool which is being used to divide India. He says that reservations shud be given only to those classes who have never ruled India before. In the end, he explains how the Father of our Constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar was harassed by Nehru because Nehru was jealous of his gr8 scholarly credentials and his pro-Hindu ideas and united cultures of India.

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