Drama on Netaji’s Death: God save all the liars and fraud and let truth surface

Drama on Netaji’s Death: God save all the liars and fraud and let truth surface


Analysis of PMO file 800/6/C/1/90-Pol pertaining to 1990 V.P.Singh Govt and the urge for truth

Please find the analysis of the the PMO file with 44 pages, the 91st file of my study and the 3rd among the 25 fils released on 29/04/16. A very political file with respect to a non Congress Govt dealing the matter of ASHES to be shifted to India and the urgency of truth to be found out.

Correspondence of PMO with Shri.Shantilal Patel, MP, Amiya Bose, Samar Guha and others with regard to a effort on the side of a group of influencial personalities led by the President of All India Freedom Fighters Association, Sheel Bhadra Yajee dead set to shift ASHES to India

1.Shantilal Patel, MP wrote to V.P.Singh, the then PM on 07/08/1990 via the then Principal Secretary to PM that effort be allowed to happen quoting Ashish Ray the grand son of Sarat Bose and Emilie Shenkl. Meera Shankar, the then Director of PMO reported on 23/08/1990

Hand written note says,


2.V.P.Singh’s letter in reply to Shantilal Patel (draft) dsted 07/09/1990 with hand written comment,


3.Political Section report dated 30/08/1990 about a letter of Samar Guha regarding Emilie Shenkl writing to PMO ( nothing recordical was found as such in regard to the said letter inspite of departmental inquiry)

4.P.C.Chaturvedi of PMO on 05/09/1990 states about PM desiring to put the issue ( bringing ASHES to India) to the serious consideration of CCPA ( Cabinet Committee for Political Affairs)

5.Amiya Bose, the nephew of Netaji and a son of Sarat Bose ( former MP and ex ambassador of India in Burma ) made a hand written letter to PM dated 11/05/1990 in letter head of I.I.C ( India International Centre) seeking appointment for meeting with PM and about the mention of another letter signed by three sons of Sarat Bose including he himself dated 04/05/1990 which can be summarized as follows,

a) Recent effort informally by persons to shift ASHES from Tokyo to India to be halted
b) View of Gandhi and Sarat Bose post War was against AIR CRASH STORY
c) Alfred Wagg, War time correspondent of Chicago Times in South Asia as well as Justice.Dr.Radha Binode Pal, the only Indian Judge in the International War Crimes Tribunal in Tokyo have categorically established the presence of Netaji alive after the air crash news was flashed
d) General people cannot afford ti allow the shifting to take place

6. Ranen Sen, the then Joint Secretary to PMO wrote in acknowledgement on 21/05/1990 of the letter of Amiya Bose dated 11/05/1990
R.Sen forwarded the mentioned 04/05/1990 letter as well that of 11/05/1990 to JS (EA Div), MEA on 23/05/1990

7.Col.Prem Kumar Sehgal, one of the INA heroes of Red Fort trials who was then Chairman of Netaji Research Bureau wrote to PM on 09/07/1990 that as PM has favorably received a freedom fighter delegation led by Sheel Bhadra Yajee on 03/07/1990, it is reported by the delegation that Govt has ASSURED support, let is be conveyed that

a) A delegation of Col.P.K.Sehgal, Col.Lekshmi Sehgal, Sheel Bhadra Yajee, Dr.Sisir Kumar Bose and few oters have accepted the invitation of the Tokyo based Subhas Bose Academy, the custodian of the ASHES to attend the last ceremony in homage of the ASHES at Renkoji Temple in Tokyo on 18/08/1990
b) This is a clear indication from the side of the Japanese that the ASHES will have to be shifted to India at te earliest
c) Let interim arrangements be made to shift the same to India and for the time being let them be shifted to the Indian Embassy premises in Tokyo and the visiting delegation wish to carry the same ceremoniously to the Embassy premises
d) Concurrence has been obtained from Dr.Sisir Bose

8.Meera Shankar ,the then Director of PMO cross checked all available records at PMO but fialed to obatain any clue of the Fredom Fighter delegation visiting PMO on 03/07/1990 as per Col.P.K.Sehgal’s letter

9.Letter of Shri.Shantilal Patel, MP to PM dated 07/08/1990 shown,

a) Efforts of Yajee and others to shift ASHES be honoured formally and offcially
b) Shah Nawaz Khan Majority Committee in 1956 and G.D.Khosla Commission in 1970-74 have concluded the death of Netaji in Taipei on 18/08/1945 as a result of an air accident, no need to doubt the same
c) A high level Committee to be formed to galvanize the people at large for receiving the ASHES
10. Ashish Ray wrote to PM on 19/08/1990

a) He had called Emilie Shenkl, the so called grand aunt of his on 18/08/1990 night with regard to her opinion to shifting ASHES to India and she had categorically affirmed hat none will take them as those are not of Netaji and that we need not shift them to India
b) Emilie gave him consent to write to PM quote her on her behalf
c) Netaji still alive theory can be dismissed
d) Air Crash story is not beyond doubt
e) As PM has asked MEA to check all records in and out of the Country, then a single expert is enough to ascertain the truth, no need for another time consuming and expensive public inquiry
f) Jaipur High Court had adjudicated on the legal case with Nandlal Sharma against Union of India and there may erupt public protests too
g) Sentiments of Emilie Shenkl to be considered by GOI

He submitted a long report of his enquiry done with emphasis of Morarji Desai rejecting earlier probe conclusions on the floor of the house on 03/09/1978 and the stand of Habibur Rehman remaining the same at different points of time upto the one at Shah Nawaz Khan Committee, though a lot discrepancies are noticed in his statements to different probe bodies, and the British never believed him. The Japanese doctor at Taipei confirmed death and issued certificate in Netaji’s name ( in actual not in Netaji’s name bu in the name of a Japanese soldier). A long chart of different statements of Habibur Rehman is shown and gratitude expressed in writing for the guidance and information in making the same for Sunil Krishna Gupta ( a Confidant of Bhagwanji) is expressed.

11.Letter of Samar Guha shown dated 21/08/1990 addressed to PM,

a) Kolkata Statesman reported about a letter of Emilie Shenkl on 21/08/1990 that she sent to PM wit regard to ASHES and the shifting of the same
b) A copy of the letter if received to be provided to Guha
c) There is a controversy with regard o the identity of the ASHES

( No such letter was received by PM as per records)

12.Dilip.M.Merchant, wrote to PM dated 05/09/1990 that,

a) Kolkata Times of India reported a report quoting Amiya Nath Bose that he got information from a Swedish diplomat in August 1990 that Netaji’s fate was sealed in Stalin’s Russia around 1947. Amiya was quoted saying that his late Father, Sarat Bose received info vi diplomatic channels in late 1940s that either Netaji was killed in Russia or imprisoned in concentration Camp in 1949
b) The report further say of American sources establishing escape of Netaji to Manchuria and there was no Air Crash
c) Urged GOI to contact Gorbachov to release info with regard to Netaji’s life and fate in USSR as very recently Gorbachov had confirmed the execution of two Indian revolutionaries namely Abani Mukherjee and Virendranath Chattopadhyay in USSR

13.Suresh Dutta, the then Vice President of Janata Dal in West Bengal wrote to PM on 01/09/1990 on the mentioned press report and the confirmation of Abani Mukherjee and Virendranth Chattopadhyay’s death in USSR. The info provided by Amiya ought to be taken seriously by GOI and make further follow up. The shifting of ASHES cannot be done unless a confirmation or forthright negation reach us from Moscow as to the doubts expressed.
The letter ( pressure from PM’s own Party) was marked copy to S.R.Bommai, the All India President of Janata Dal and to Amiya Bose

14.Amiya Bose’s letter to PM dated 13/09/1990 enclosing TOI report mentioned as per the Press Conference Convened by Amiya in Kolkata on 02/09/1990. Amiya give mention of his imminent air dash to Europe in pursuit of his inquiry in line with the Swedish diplomat’s information over phone and in consultation with Political leaders of West Germany

15.TOI report dated 02/09/1990 titled, ” FRESH CLUE ON NETAJI’S DEATH ”

a) The newspaper quotes Amiya of receiving info from a Swedish diplomat in August last 1990, over phone that something bad had happened to Netaji around 1947 in USSR.
b) The said diplomat was unwilling to expand the info over phone and he asked Amiya to fly to Europe soon and get in touch with him
c) Late Sarat Bose had expressed himself at the fag end of his life in 1949 that he had info via diplomatic channels that Netaji was either executed in USSR or imprisoned in a concentration camp.He wrote to Indian Ambasador in Moscow, Dr.S.Radhakrishnan but got no reply and he had approached the then Home Minister cum Deputy PM, Sardar Patel but to no avail
d) GOI must take up the matter direct with Gorbachov and get confirmation as to the death of Netaji in USSR if true
e) American sources have confirmed that Netaji reached Manchuria when Russian Army was occupying a portion of the same in August last 1945 after the Atom bomb explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

16.A.K.Tiwari, the then deputy secretary to PMO sent a copy of Amiya Bose’s letter to PM dated 13/09/1990 addressed to Naresh Chandra, the then Home Affairs Secretary on 21/09/1990

17.Samar Guha’s letter to Kamal Murarka, the then Minister in charge of PMO dated 01/12/1990 requesting for support as the former visit Delhi i relation to the cause

The file is highly tricky and political unlike other files. The impression that Amiya Bose and Ashish Ray gives via their letters and involvement in 1990 which forced even the then PM to halt the shifting of ASHES from Tokyo to India is to be carefully analysed and understood.

I personally believe a fraud in their approach in 1990, as even a man like Samar Guha was side tracked and taken for a ride. Guha was a bit confused as his close personal friend, Amiya made him to be in 1990 and he wrote to PM asking for copy of Emilie Shenkl ( referring to her only Emilie Shenl not as others do as Emilie Shenkl Bose or as widow or wife to Netaji) which Pres reported to have received by PM as to clarify matter of shifting of ASHES because there is controversy with regard to the IDENTITY OF THE ASHES .

Why a man like Guha preferred a copy of imaginary letter of Emilie Schenkl in 1990 ? the answer is simple the sky rocketed Amiya Bose influenced his mind to take her seriously for a while

Why the Government of Gorbachov was not able to provide info with regard to death of Netaji in USSR in 1990 as GOI approached Govt of USSR ( not at the highest level) ? Netaji’s death never happened in USSR

Why Amiya was not able to collect much more info from ( documentary ) from his Swedish contact as he flew to Europe soon after all these correspondence ? Amiya’s friend was an imaginary person, a figment of imagination

Why Sarat Bose’s assertion in 1949 was kept secret upto 1990 ? Amiya prefered to make use of the same only in 1990 and he was the prImary source with no record to prove ( if a letter was sent to Dr.S,Radhakrishnan in Moscow, it was easy for Amiya to produce a copy of the same O press ) and he utilized his brain for the same

Why Sarat Bose published on front page of his Newspaper ” The Nation ” in one of the early issues of 1950 that Netaji is in Red China while Amiya said in 1990 that his Father had got info via diplomatic channels that Netaji was either executed in USSR or imprisoned in Siberia around 1949 ? In 1950 which is after 1949, Sarat Bose categorically published in his Paper that Netaji is in Red China ( Bhagwanji too asserted his stay in China since 1949 last ) and Muthu Lingam Thevar, MLA and Forward Bloc leader and confidant of Netaji had declared openly that he had gone to China after meeting Sarat Bose in Dec 1949 and have met Netaji in China without any Passport or visa and lived wit him for 6 months in China, came back and reported to Sarat Bose , thereafter news was published in THE NATION that Netaji is in Red China. Muthu Lingam Thever made Press statements on return bu the was never penalized for the same and it was only after he refused to co operate with Shah Nawaz Khan Committee in 1956 and demanded unilateral promise of GOI that Netaji’s name will be taken off from unpublished list of International War Criminals of UN, that he was arrested and he was in prison for a few months on false charges, released though a cripple physically and he passed away rather young in 1961 at the age of 59.

Why Amiya’s son Chandra Kumar Bose spoke in a number of TV talk shows and to Press people ever after April 2015 that Netaji was in China around late 1949 or 1950 undergoing training to come back ? Simply because he did not see the de classified files of Jan 23rd 2016 in April 2015, he was unaware of his late Father’s efforts in 1990

God save all the liars and fraud and let truth surface

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