India’s fastest growing billionaire ! What do you think ?

India’s fastest growing billionaire ! What do you think ?

Otis is a short, fat sidekick. He’s a very clever and cunning sidekick though. Miss Eve Teschmacher is the criminal’s moll. She’s a perfect bimbo. And Lex Luthor is the boss. Lex considers himself the greatest criminal mind of all time. There can’t be much dispute about that. A long time ago, Lex had left us an enduring lesson which will hold true for eons. It’s a lesson he claims his father taught him. Let’s watch (2.41 mins):

So Lex Luthor has this grand plan to explode a 500 mega ton bomb and sink the west coast of California so that his desert land can become the new west coast. All the new cities would be named after Lex and Luthor. In that grand scheme little Otis doesn’t forget to find a little space and name it “Otisburg” after himself. He’s like the sidekicks in our media who have enriched themselves from the massive scams of the Congress. Of course, Lex Luthor explains how he created his empire from humble beginnings. Have you heard stories of such “humble beginnings” in the real estate business in India? I bet you have. Lex Luthor would have been proud of how Robert Vadra became a land tycoon from “humble” beginnings:

There is desperation in the media; there is desperation in the Gandhi family. “Power corrupts but the prospect of losing power corrupts even more” said Ram Jethmalani. On April 14 Sonia Gandhicame on TV and made a grand appeal to people. She said her party was fighting to protect the “very heart and soul” of India from those who sought to change it and divide the people of the country. As they taught you in school, the heart and soul of India is the “Gandhi family” and everything else is crap. Okay? She begged “We want unity. They want to impose uniformity. They say, ‘Just believe in me’… Their vision, clouded with hatred and falsehood, their ideology, divisive and autocratic, will drive us to the ruination of our Bharatiyata, our Hindustaniyat”. Astonishing! We have to now learn “Bharatiyata” from some Italian. You know, I doubt if SoniaG can even sing our National Anthem impromptu (a senior Kerala Congi could not sing it at a function). Err… asking if she can recite “Vande Mataram” impromptu would be outright foolishness. For a woman who claimed “power is poison” the level she goes to retain it is the story of her life. Someone rightly pointed out that in 2004 SoniaG only gave up “accountability” not the PMship. She is accountable for nothing it seems and was a back-seat PM as everybody knew and the recent book by Sanjaya Baru confirmed.


This hateful bile on TV went unquestioned by any media editorialist. To me, the only ones who hate Bharat and who want to destroy are the Congis and their heads. The Gandhis seem to believe that India is some kind of “real estate” inherited by them. The number of allegations in the land scams against Vadra is mounting. There are also allegations of land scam against the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Count the number of towns, townships, projects, IT parks and such real estate named after the Chinese Gandhis. And all this hateful fear-mongering from SoniaG and the other Gandhis is for what? Just becauseNarendra Modi challenges them like nobody has ever done before. And he rightly does so. The SoniaG hate-appeal is the culmination of a gang of Indian and International media and motley crews who are hell-bent on wanting their corrupt ways of life to continue. The latest is the Bollywood crap from Sonia’s doormat NDTV:


There is something else that the media did that is criminal. Most of them passed off Sonia’s speech as if it were some speech to the nation for donations for a national calamity by the PM or the President. They defrauded the viewers by not clearly stating this was a paid political speech. In other words, this was “advertisement” and the screens should have indicated it as such. At the risk of boring you I have to repeat: The media is the first line of defence for the corrupt. Of course, there is this 5-year Gandhi Queen who turns up in UP every once in a while. She’s the Great White female hope of the media and the sickulars who will save them from anything. Priyanka Vadra (Gandhi during elections) comes in like a queen, throws a few soundbites at the media who jump and squeal around her for crumbs like pet dogs (as the pic shows) and then run her silly statements endlessly on loop on TV. I have no other way to describe the silly 5-year cameos of Priyanka as I did in a tweet:

Priyanka grandly comes out twice in 5 years; once during the state elections and once during LS elections. She then meets those “wretched” villagers who are dying for a glimpse of her face to quench their thirst and hunger. The “Old Jungle Saying” was the Phantom leaves the jungle and visits the city like an ordinary man. This is reverse. The Queen leaves her cities, hill-stations, foreign abodes and jeans. She meets the villagers in Sarees and renews her lease agreement for the inherited land called Amethi. In 50 years this is how the Chinese Gandhis have not only fooled Amethi and Rae Bareli but a large part of the country. Take a look:

Look at the bottom pic carefully. An open gutter runs through the lane of huts of villagers in Amethi. For over 50 years Amethi has been called the “bastion” of the Gandhis and this is what their real estate has to show for it. And Priyanka realises her “Bharatiyata” only during elections when she visits Amethi or Rae Bareli. And SoniaG talks about the “heart and soul” of India?

Do any of these Gandhis even know anything about Bharatiyata? They aren’t really bright and don’t really have any ideas about anything. RahulG talks about “Toffee model” when it comes to land in Gujarat. In truth it is Robert Vadra and Congress govts who indulge in the Toffee model where Vadra buys land at toffee rates and sells at aircraft rates. Lex Luthor would be proud of him. Silly utterances like these are all that they come up with in absence of answers for the extraordinary corruption and non-performance by the Congress. The other frequent rant is “my daddy died, my daadi died” for the country. While their death is tragic this is a wimpish claim and has nothing to with reality. True to the pattern Priyanka recently claimed her father died for the “unity of the country”. This absolute nonsense is then passed off by the media as great emotional crap. This is an absolute lie and no editorialist has the guts to call it. India wasn’t in some civil war which threatened her unity that RajivG had to save by sacrificing himself. He and Congress members helped in his death at the hands of LTTE assassins by breaking security cordon and arrangements.

If his death was so painful then there are other questions that the Gandhi family simply does not answer. Priyanka herself went to meet the killers in prison. For what? To share her grief with the killers? SoniaG brought down a govt because the DMK (who she alleged supported the LTTE killers) was a part of it. In the Congress led UPA she had no problems having the same DMK and their members. Some of these DMK members were also allowed to loot the nation under her nose. What tragedy are they talking about? Which Bharatiyata are they yakking about? Their nonsensical fear, as peddled by them and many in the media, can be explained in one word: “Modi”. That’s it! He poses a challenge to the corrupt Congress and Gandhis like no one has ever done before.

From Christian media abroad to a majority in the Indian media, assorted NGOs, Bollywood crooks and some others, the only objective is to somehow stop Modi. Why? Obviously, to them Modi is not “Bharatiyata” and they are. The Gandhis who run off abroad at will with no one knowing, who answer no questions on any scam and who let off people like Quattrochi and Anderson (of Bhopal tragedy) understandBharatiyata? The same SoniaG gave of 12 billion dollars to the EU to save the EURO while the rupee was constantly falling. Bharatiyata? 12 billion dollars with not a second thought? Italian marines kill Kerala fishermen and they are protected under special agreements. Bharatiyata? RahulG ran off to Spain when he heard of the Uttarakhand tragedy in 2013. Bharatiyata? RahulG was partying after terrorists killed over 160 people during 26/11. Bharatiyata? Medical treatments or check-ups, SoniaG runs abroad and doesn’t trust Indian doctors. Bharatiyata? Former PM Narasimha Rao was denied a funeral at Rajghat in Delhi and rushed to Hyderabad. That Rajghat is a private estate of the Gandhis? Bharatiyata? I can go on and on.


For all the rants from all kinds of media and hate-filled, anti-Indian Bollywood creeps and international media and hate-mongers, there is someone who explains quite well why Modi is hated by the elites and the corrupt. This is from a former US Govt official David Cohen:

“Modi bears striking similarities to a celebrated American president: one Ronald Wilson Reagan. Both men rose from humble origins. Modi, in particular, worked from childhood hawking tea in railway stations. Both were popular and successful state governors: Modi is the chief minister (equivalent to a governor) of Gujarat, an Indian state whose gift to the world was Mahatma Gandhi. Modi, like Reagan, is an unabashed proponent of free market economics: “Modinomics,” the term coined to describe Modi’s free market and anti-corruption reforms, is of course a nod to “Reaganomics”; it has unleashed an economic boom in Gujarat. A major common denominator between the two men is the nature of their detractors. Like the U.S., India has cultural elitists who seem to desperately crave the approval of their former colonial masters in Europe. The Indian cultural elite despises Modi every bit as much as the American cultural elite despised Reagan. They look down their noses at Modi, cringing at the thought of being led by a common “tea seller” who can barely speak English. (Can you imagine Chinese or Russian citizens, proud of their own heritage, being ashamed that their leaders don’t speak English?)”


The thing Cohen doesn’t explicitly say is that Reagan wasn’t from the political circus of Washington DC. The same is true for Modi; he isn’t from the political circus of Delhi where people from different parties conveniently sleep with each otherand this has helped the Congress and Gandhis extend their corrupt rule for over 60 years.SoniaG or her family isn’t even the last fountain from where I would like to learn Bharatiyata. The indisputable truth is that it is Modi who really represents Bharityata. He was born in India, got whatever education he did in India, came up from a small village after hawking tea for a living, rose through the ranks of a party to his current level through his work. Modi didn’t reach where he did because his father or mother considered it their birthright to rule this country. Modi did not have parents who ran a dynastic political party. Last I heard Modi doesn’t have Italian genes. Modi doesn’t change clothes from city to village to Assembly. There isn’t a fake appeal by him to voters with “Bharatiya” clothing for convenience. He lives the Bharatiya life and I would trust him to save Bharatiyata more than imported Gandhis.

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