When a Soldier Speaks you can only Listen !Rape Used as Weapon by Indian Army – Anti-Nationalist Arundhati Roy

When a Soldier Speaks you can only Listen !Rape Used as Weapon by Indian Army – Anit Nationalist Arundhati Roy

*I don’t have words sir !, but I am also filled with anger by the people who are spreading wrong messages against our country & our Indian defence forces, this is d correct time to teach them a lesson. Bcs it’s now or never. Thanks sir for this great message. Jai Hind

*I salute ur sacrifice, Yes very true said but for 80% I ve seen a lot of incidents happened in my place specially against women in my place so dnt just look only one side. At midnight they have dragged a lady out of her house without any warrant n very next day found the dead body and moreover the post mortem report says that before she have been killed she ve been gang raped so plz every coin has 2 faces c the other side also.

*Nobody is telling Indian army is corrupt. But every organization, every institution has weak links. indian navy ta wife swapping ka kissa to suna hi hoga. Being closely associated with Army and Navy family I can say as my personal view the allegations are not wrong. Then why do you think sir, What may b the reason behind the naked march by Manipuri and arunachali ladies? Indian army DO NOT rape. But few assholes are there in army and every sector due to whom the whole organization’s integrity and good work are put to crosshairs. I have immense respect fr Indian soldiers. But not for them who kills the men in kashmir for the sake of finding terrorists or rape their daughter sister or wives. And sorry to to say sir I have immense respect for you as well, but you are blind about the faults of few rapists in Indian army.

    • This roar is not only the voice of Indian Army but also its a voice of 125 crore Indians.
      भारत माता की जय!
    • Salute to all my Indian soldiers from the bottom of my heart,and you say in the video it’s really touch’s the heart….jai hind…vande mataram….Bharat Mata ki jai

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