Why I Killed Gandhi – Nathuram Godse’s Last Speech in Court


1)He may be right or wrong but Hindu” s sufferings in Pakistan and Kashmir – what was Hindu”s share in population of Pakistan and Kashmir in 1947 & 2016 itself shows the plight of Hindus

2) We again need Nathuram Godse in India. Fake secular Gandhi.. Reason for foolish Indians today. If we support Hindus then we are disrespecting secularism of our country but when everyone supports so called minorities(Muslims) then we are being secular regardless of their act.

3) An eye opener! Godse and Apte are not dead. They are living in honest nationalism even in Heaven. Long live Aryavart and long live Godse.

4)I am also agree with wonderful speech of Respected Sri Sri Nathu ram V. Godse in the court in Shimla and Ambala

5)Nathuram Godse ka itihas school me padhana chahiye,usse gandhiji ki asliyat or vichar khul kar logo ke samne aye………

6) A true nationalist hindu speaks , may his tribe increase

7) I really hate gandhi. Please listen this audio carefully. Nathuram was a great Man.

8) You r the godfather of india but some people the have close the eyes

9) Jai ho nathu ram godse u say every thing truth you are veer yodgha i salute u

10) salute to godse. This should be included in history

11) The other side of the coin.The untold story during independence of India in true perspective..Story of how hindus were repressed systematically by Gandhi and congress.Had Godse would not have shot Gandhi,it was a must that Gandhi would have been let down by Indians in due course and would have been buried in oblivion.

12)British ruler finally realized that armed struggle which has spread all over India can’t be controlled and it will  be better to hand over the freedom by dividing India to the hands of British supporters otherwise survival of more than hundreds of British Companies in India will be at stake.That was the era right from the movement e.g. Sephoy Mutini in 1857 and which spirit spreaded amongst the British Army all over India.Thereafter movements lead by Jhansi Rani Laxmibye,Bhagat Singh,Netaji Subhash,Sukhdev,Rajguru,Khudiram Bose,Master da”Surya Sen”,Tantia Topi,Lokmanya Tilak,Preti Lata Waddedar,Bagha Jatin,Vinay,Badal,Dinesh,and others mostly from Punjab,Maharashtra, Bangal,Bihar, UP etc stired up the whole of India and people of India virtually supported whole heartedly. Freedom whatever achieved not as the desire of the Indians.Majority of India didn’t expect partition of India.

One thought on “Why I Killed Gandhi – Nathuram Godse’s Last Speech in Court

  1. Nehru’s grandfather was a Muslim and the fact that his family had converted only to save their life British why was this kept a secret. This now explains why Indira Gandhi had married a Muslim. So why Nehru did not say clearly before becoming PM of India that he was a Muslim. Is this not conspiracy and cheating towards the Hindus of India. Particularly when Lal Bahadur Shastri death in Tashkent was kept secret and no public Topsy was done to clarify the reason for his death. I use to be fan of Nehru but since I read this fact it disturbs me not because he was Muslim but because he did not speak truth to the nation. He pushed his views on Kashmir when the rest of parliaments were not consulted on many matters. Perhaps if Sardar Patel would not have done needful for Hyderabad perhaps we would have had same situation in Hyderabad today. Is it fair deal when one country was made for Islam the other nation received a Muslim PM. If he would have given the facts perhaps still people would have accepted him but the fact he hid these facts make this cheating on Hindu community. Yet today Muslim gets compensation for Haj but Hindu gets no such compensation. I like you to write a article to clarify this fact. Why and who changed Wikipedia when this fact was first displayed.

    Today Gandhi is insulted in Pakistan. people of Pakistan bad words to him. So while I respect Gandhi, it does sadden me that Gandhi ji was biased when he said every Muslim should get double voting rights. Which country or where in the world have we heard such a way to treat the minorities. Today congress has been appeasing Muslims for 80 years. So where is the secularism. If we were truly secular every should get equal rights. So while I was until age 50 year proud that we are secular nation. But soon after knowing about Nehru ji actual religion, I feel cheated. I dont agree with any radical ways may it be Islamic or Hindu. But after 400 years if a community was so much suppressed that they don’t even know the name of their religion, they call themselves Hindu when this name is not in Vedas or Geeta. This is a name given to people of Hindustan by Arabs /Persians. So if we were so suppressed we even forgot our religion name, then who should get special status. The rulers who ruled for 400 years or the people who were suppressed for 400 years.
    I am not communal. I am not even strong Hindu minded. But I do feel fairness and humanity irrespective of religion needs to be paramount. and this cannot happen if you are biased. Recently in parliament Smriti Irani exposed congress for creating syllabus that was pro-Moghuls and anti-Hindu. Gandhi may be a good person but he should not have been unfair and biased against people of his own religion.

    Incase my understanding of facts is not correct then you may provide facts to correct me.

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