Worry of Nation, Cry for Justice ! KUNDALINI-CHAKRA OF A NATION

Worry of Nation, Cry for Justice ! KUNDALINI-CHAKRA OF A NATION


(1) Possession of belief or faith, or commenting anything as right or wrong … etc are the birth rights and divine rights of an individual. One can comment on anything, -even on the almighty.

(2) When this divine right is ceased by the govt. or by the religious-ring-masters, then an individual becomes violent, which compel him finally to be a martyr like BhagatSingh..

(3) Silence is also a method of commenting, which finally give birth to intellectual revolutionary like SwamiVivekananda.

(4)When a writer jumps into this field, then he becomes a great poet like Tagore. (5) When the above three factors are combined, then the nation gets a Netaji. (6)When a character-less corrupted idiot is produced by the foreign ruler, and the public accept him as some saint (say, MKG), then the nation begins its degradation.

(7)When a nation forgets his real saviors, it enters gradually into an era of dependency, like this present India. ~AnjaanBandaa.

Now Nation facing kanaya Kumar ! Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee , Maluyam Singh, Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad Yadev , Mayawati, Kejirawal !

Anti Nationalism is a part of India future, after getting Nehruvian education system.

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