What United States Import from India ? What India is lacking ?

What United States Import from India ? What India is lacking ?

All I can see here is people complaining about brain drain. That’s not the fault of these students. Everyone has their own aspirations to aim higher and better. And that’s how a capitalistic economy can provide the luxury of risk taking and innovation. Extreme socialism in India made it lose its chances in the past. And finally we see turn in India to strike a balancing chord of Socialism and Capitalism. Those people who opposed the capitalistic views of Modi and still are, shouldn’t even complain. Modi transformed Gujarat because of this. Help him transform the rest of India as well. Jai Hind!


I find it hard to understand that they are proud of enriching a country which has history of being anti-india. I remember clearing IIT, twice. Though I didn’t go to one, I made it a point never join an MNC even in India!!

Well it wil b wrong to be biased towards these students opting to go to US instead of staying in there motherland, u need to give them the offers which they cannot refuse and the first n foremost remove all the caste based reservations n politics involved in government agencies. Nobody would like to work in a place where merit is not appreciated and people being given preference on the basis of there sirname and the caste they belong to!

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